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The main goal of the youth movement and the public association “Cavan”, established in 2017, is to assist the state bodies in solving problems of interest to the Azerbaijani youth

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The founder of the youth policy of the Azerbaijani state, the National Leader Haydar Aliyev said: “Each Azerbaijani young person has to be an active builder of our independent nation.”

The youth policy of the Azerbaijani state is implemented in a consistent and effective manner. The signing by the Head of State of Mr. Ilham Aliyev and subsequent implementation of state programs in the field of youth policy, covering the period 2005-2015, as well as the signing of the order on the approval of the State Program “Azerbaijani youth in 2017-2021” are clear evidence of the attention and care demonstrated by the country’s leadership towards young people.

Also, the role of the First Vice-President of Azerbaijan Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva in the broad and effective implementation of the state youth policy is indispensable. It is no coincidence that the Department of Youth Policy and Sports Issues was established at the Presidential Administration. All the structural changes that take place show a distinct regard towards youth. Projects, proposed by the “Cavan” are covering all the areas of interest to the youth of Azerbaijan.

Young people make up most of population in Azerbaijan. Youth is the major driving force behind Azerbaijan’s leap into the future.  The cooperation will make both the Azerbaijani state and young people together. The “Cavan” wants to make their life even more interesting, so that young people can realize their natural aspirations like studying, entertainment, playing sports, making new friends, striving to love and be loved, and building a successful career. The “Cavan” is certain that any young person in Azerbaijan is entitled to these rights and opportunities.

Follow the “Cavan”, join our projects, offer your own projects, and let’s work together to achieve our common goals!