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“Cavan” Youth Movement Public Union was established in 2017, the main purpose of which is to take a close interest in the issues of concern to the youth of Azerbaijan and support the work done by our state to address them.

The majority of Azerbaijan's population is young. Young people are the main force of our country, the people who lead it to the future. Joint action will make the Azerbaijani state and youth even stronger! Cavan wants their life to be more interesting. Young people should be able to realize their natural desires in Azerbaijan, such as reading, having fun, playing sports, making new friends, loving, being loved, building a good career. Cavan is convinced that every young person in Azerbaijan has the right and opportunity to do so. The projects proposed by Cavan cover all areas of interest to the country's youth. Follow Cavan, join our projects, propose your own project, work together and achieve our goals!


Dear young man, Cavan wants to see you as a patriot. Work tirelessly for the development of Azerbaijan!

Voluntary movement

You will be a part of our team by volunteering with Cavan. You will gain experience by volunteering at events. This experience will always help you in your future career. We want to see you as a Young Volunteer!

International events

By becoming a member of Cavan, you will have a chance to participate in international events. You will take part in events and promote Azerbaijan in the world!

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